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Organic farming

Grape Growing

The estate has been run by Fabrice Arcari since 2006. The vineyard covers some 40 hectares.

The estate has been certified Organic Farming since the 2014 harvest and does not use any pesticides.

The vine is grassed one row out of two and plowing is done mechanically between the vines.

The pruning is between December and March. Budburst occurs rather early in March, the vegetative cycle is typical of the South of France. Then debudding from April to May, to regulate the yield of the vine

So that the vine captures the maximum sunshine, the trellis’ are raised in May. If necessary, a green harvest is carried out

Leaf Stripping finishes the ripening of the fruits

The harvest takes place according to the year at the end of August or beginning of September. It is done mechanically in the cool (between 4am and 9am) in order to bring fresh grapes in to the cave and eliminate the necessity to cool the juice (energy saving and respect of the product).

The harvest is directly sorted by the grape harvester, to transfer only the grapes in to the vats (the stalks and other impurities of the harvest are eliminated).

Fabrice Arcari constantly ensures a constant monitoring of the quality by analyzing and tasting at all the stages of the elaboration of the wine. Vinification is traditional.

Wine and vinification


Rosé wines

The grapes are pressed with great care right when they arrive at the winery (pneumatic press). 

Only the first juices, the clearest, are kept to elaborate the rosé. 

The must is let to settle down to obtain fine and delicate aromas. 

The fermentation last for several days at 14°C. the temperature rises slowly to reach 20°C. 

The ageing lasts for 3 months on fine lees, in stainless-steel vats.


Red wines

Cold maceration during 24 hours to extract the maximum of colour and aromas. 

Long vatting with optimum pushing-down and pumping-over. 

The temperature rises gradually during the fermentation to reach 30°C. The varieties are blended before ageing.

The Côtes-de-Provence are aged on fine lees in stainless-steel vats during12 months. 

Cuvée Badetty is aged on fine lees in barrels (1 to 5 years-old oak) for 18 months.


White wines

The grapes are pressed with great care right when they arrive at the winery (pneumatic press). 

The must are allowed to settle down in temperature controlled stainless-steel vats. 

The winemaking is made from clear juices. 

The temperature slowly rise during fermentation to reach 18°C. The wine is aged for 3 months on fine lees in stainless-steel vats.



Nos vins

Côtes de Provence Blanc

A golden yellow color with green reflections.

This wine gives us a very aromatic nose with notes of confiture, oriental pastries mixed with candied lemon.

A rich mouth, a persistent fruit for a fresh and elegant wine.

Côtes de Provence Rosé

A bright peach color with silver highlights.

The nose opens with notes of citrus mixed with a spicy tone.

The palate is complex and aromatic with a persistent lemon offering a remarkable freshness.

Côtes de Provence Rouge

A dark red color with purple hues and an expressive nose with notes of red fruits.

An elegant mouth with aromas of strawberry and blackberry.



Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire

A pale pink color with bright salmon reflections. An intense nose of ripe grapefruit and lime.

The palate is both delicate and complex with a slightly aniseed crisp finish.

The ensemble gives us a rosé very flattering, elegant and powerful.



Côtes de Provence Cuvée Jean-Baptiste Badetty

A sustained color, a nose of black cherries.

A long round mouth, a beautiful volume, a woody finish, very smooth, promising for the future.

Available January 2018.


IGP Bouches du Rhône

Beautiful golden colour, with silver reflections.

An intense and complex nose with notes of blackcurrant, evolving with floral and violet notes.

Its unctuous and fruity mouth makes it a great gastronomy wine.